Architects of Shade

We provide a vast range of awnings, pergolas, gazebos, umbrellas, glass enclosures and decking for some of Malta’s most prestigious properties. From small installations to large installations, we have different models to fit all your needs. Our friendly staff at Calypso are always ready to help you find what you need at the right price. Read more

Built to last

All our products are custom-designed to the highest standards. We never compromise on quality and you can rest assured that our fire retardant, waterproof and UVprotective materials are guaranteed to last longer than any other products in the market.

Q  U  A  L  I  T  Y

We take great pride in our brand. All our products and materials are of high standard and suitable for the local climate.

G  U  A  R  A  N  T  E  E

All our products come with a 10 year guarantee covering you for bot parts and labour.

A  F  T  E  R    S  A  L  E  S

We offer full servicing and repairs should you experience any problems.

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